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Office 2010 serial key

The term MS office does not require any introduction. We all are familiar with this term in an era of digital world. Hereby we will give you brief amount of information regarding MS Office and activation method by MS Office 2010 Product Key.

MS-office-product-keyWhat is MS office Product key?

So far we all know about Microsoft it is an operating system required for running your system, all the functions of your systems runs on an inbuilt OS of Microsoft. Similarly, MS office also referred as an office suite which is a bunch of service and applications provided by Microsoft for managing your office and professional accounts to help it keep clean organized and easily accessible. This facility consists of useful resources such as MS word, MS power point, MS project, MS publisher etc. All the features are meant to fulfill different tasks but are compatible with all the other packages provided in the program. These programs can also be run on an OS X operating system in MAC, as Microsoft office is the most common software used among the world.

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Introduction of MS office 2010:

Recently MS office has been updated and few more helpful and improved services have been added named MS excel, MS word, MS outlook. The big thing that has happened so far is that the updated version comes in a 64 -bit, so those who are running 64-bit OS can take fool advantage of the performance. Functionality is similar as of MS office 2007, the files saved in the previous version can be opened in MS office 2010 as well.

Features of MS office 2010:

The Ribbon:  Earlier released in 2007 ms office, ribbon was criticized only and caused lots of controversy. Though it was loved by some as well. So now in addition, of 2010 MS office ribbon has been introduced again including other programs as outlook and one. But don’t worry it has been implemented right this time as you can customize it as what appears on it and you can add tab of your as favorites as well.

Office button Preferences: People using MS office 2007 are familiar with Office button. The big round button from which select the variety of options. In MS office 2010 the button has been redesigned and is added to outlook and one note. Now when you will click on the Office button now know as ribbon you will see the same options along with some additional features such as sharing the document or changing the format of the file.

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Accessibility to office web Apps: In the new MS Office 2010 there is a set of web-based applications online versions of MS excel, outlook, PowerPoint which runs through windows live.

Options for themes:  Themes can be used now across MS word, excel and PowerPoint to ensure you  desired looks for your documents.

Simplified screenshot: Now for taking a screenshot you don’t have to use window snipping tool instead you can directly insert ribbon and capture the screenshot of the image you want to enter.

Improved Security:  When you open a document, presentations downloaded from the internet which shows failed validation, and then they will open in a read-only view. This means your data has been protected from some malicious code which can harm your system. Thus, it eliminates the risk of being attacked and provides better security.

64 Bit support: Though all the users of MS office 10 must be using 64-Bit windows, this highly benefits the excel users as it is capable of opening workbook more than 2GB if you are facing trouble using 64 Bit version you can install 32-bit app again.

Conversation View:  This feature make it easy for you to access all your similar niche emails in a single group, it helps you in organizing your emails. Using this feature you can also ignore the conversations and messages you don’t want to see. Though you can turn down this feature whenever you want.

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